Hook up your own application with The Machine's functionality.


This method let you remove the client with the given id. Please note that this method will also remove all invoices assigned to the client.

You call this method with the following URL:


Parameters are the data you will pass with the call.


Your secret identifier. You find your API Token under Account Overview in the Account section.

Rules: Required


The ID of the client.

Rules: Required.

Return Values

This is the result that will be passed back to you when you have sent a call.


Sucess: Client removed.

The client was successfully removed.


Error: No data passed.

No data was passed to the method.

Error: API Token is invalid.

The API Token parameter is missing or is incorrectly entered.

Error: ID is invalid.

The ID parameter is missing or is incorrectly entered.


The example below is strictly a demonstration of the method and it's parameters. Methods should never be posted from a HTML form. They should be posted directly from your server script.

<form action="http://machine_id.invoicemachine.com/api/client.remove" method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="api_token" value="c86cea54c71sbb05a5f8297bed641944">
    <input type="hidden" name="id" value="204607">