Great News! To offer you an even better invoicing experience, Invoice Machine is officially joining invoicely on June 22nd, 2019.
Please make sure to switch to invoicely as soon as possible to continue using our platform.

Hook up your own application with The Machine's functionality.


What's an API?

The Invoice Machine API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible for you to send, receive and remove data from your account via HTTP POST calls. There are many situations where this could be useful. Let's say you run an online store and want to send an invoice to your customer each time a purchase is made. This is possible with just a few lines of code using the API. The API is not restricted to any specific programming language and can be used in any language that has support for sending data via HTTP POST calls.

How does it work?

A method is always called through a HTTP POST request. If a call is successful, it returns a result, usually a short success message or data in XML format. If the call fails, it returns an error message.

You call an API method like this:


Access to the API requires authentication. For security reasons, we use a unique API Token instead of your account password. This API Token should be posted as a parameter of the call. You can find your API Token under the Account Overview in the Account section. Please note that in order for the authentication to be successful, the Machine ID (sub domain) in the URL must match the API token for that account.

The API Token is a unique string and looks similar to this:

Need some help?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or find any bugs.