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Recurring Invoices and Multiple Users

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 Comments (2)

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There were a few features that didn't make it into last week's release of the new Invoice Machine. These features needed a little more polish before we could release them. Over the last week, we managed to smooth out the rough edges, and are releasing the new features today!

Recurring Invoices

The Invoice Machine now supports recurring invoices. Just set up a recurring template and an invoice will automatically be added to your Invoices section and sent on the scheduled date. Just like sending regular invoices, you can choose to attach the invoice as a PDF file and customize the email message. You can setup the schedule so the invoice is sent yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily or even specify your own interval. All recurring invoices are processed at midnight (PST time). We've also put in some cool iPhone inspired slider switches to switch the recurring template on or off. We're sure that many users will find the new recurring feature useful.

Multiple Users

The Invoice Machine now also supports multiple users. This is great if you want to give account access to your employees or business partners. You can chose each user's access level and specify what they can edit and see. Users with limited access will get their own Profile section where they can edit their own user settings. Creating and managing more than one user requires a paying subscription plan.

Comments (2)



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nice new features. Thank you. Whats up with the long jarbled comment?


Sean Johnson

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

it would be really useful if you could include the invoice date on the Recurring Templates list, to save opening each one up to check when it's due.

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